Dogs are kids too…Treat them well.

All dogs must be up-to-date on flea and tick preventatives. All dogs must be vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper and Parvovirus (DA2, CPV), and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). PA law requires Bordetella to be administered every 12 months. No strong jaw breeds. Club Fetch allows balls out at all times, and strong jaw breeds can break the balls, which is a serious choking hazard for all members. Strong jaw breeds include: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Doberman, Bulldog, Chow Chow, Mastiffs, etc.

 No Excessive barking. 
-Club Fetch understands that dogs bark while they play. This is different from excessive barking out of anxiety, attention or based on breed. Our daycare is a happy and safe environment. Excessive barking can cause the other dogs to feel anxious, irritable and may lead to a physical altercation. Out of this fine balance of keeping our daycare a safe and enjoyable place, we do not allow dogs with excessive barking. 

What are the doggy daycare pre-requisites?

A Behavior Assessment is a free 20-minute consultation for you, your pup, and our team to get acquainted and decide if Club Fetch is a good fit! 

Here’s how it works: One of our Play Coordinators will clear out the play area for you and your pup to walk in freely. Once your pup is comfortable, they’ll be introduced to one of our other pup members.

While the pups are playing, the Play Coordinator can answer any questions you may have and go over what a day at daycare looks like. Your pup will be observed on how they socialize with others, what type of play style they have, and how they resolve conflict. Please make sure your pet has emptied their bladder before their assessment.

What’s a behaviour assessment?

Doggy daycare isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! We are considered a private daycare and cap the amount of dogs each day. We do not accept dogs with aggressive behavior, strong jaw breeds, or dogs with resource guarding issues.

Other notes to consider:
1. How does your dog behave in an off leash dog communal setting? Not in a home environment.

2. Have there been any situations where your dog was triggered by another dog? What was the trigger? What happened? Has the behavior been addressed and resolved by a trainer?

3. Is your pup interested in being social with other dogs?

4. Has your pup been to obedience classes with other dogs? 

Is Club Fetch right for my dog?

We love consistency, so we try to keep to the same itinerary each day. All dogs are walked each hour individually. You worked hard on potty training and we value the cleanliness of the Club Fetch facility, so this is super important to us. We do not want to invoke any bad bathroom behavior.

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner based on what time your dog needs to eat. Daycare is Bring Your Own Food {BYOF).

Our Play Coordinators send out 4 pupdates per day. This schedule is subject to change upon the pack's needs and each individual dog's needs. 


What does a day at Club Fetch look like?

What we are most known for is our App experience. We send pupdates throughout the day, which go straight to your phone as a notification. A pupdate entails a little narrative of what your pup has been up to, how many walks they’ve been on, what they’ve done on each walk and, of course, a lot of really cute pictures. 
You can also message our Play Coordinators in real time on the app!

What’s a pupdate?

Our mission is quality over quantity. We aim to have no more than 15-18 dogs at Club Fetch per day. We hope this gives your pup a sense of getting to build real best furry friendships and trusting their environment! 

How many doggos will be at Club Fetch with mine?

As you may have noticed, we mostly offer 10-day packages of full days and half days at Club Fetch, with a 90 day expiration date.

Why is that?
We have observed that a dog who attends three or more days of daycare each week gets overstimulated. Symptoms of overstimulation include: a cranky attitude, aggressive behavior, exhaustion, and isolation. 

Club Fetch is a place to help pups get out energy and socialize in a balanced way. We want your pup to be calm and happy once they leave Club Fetch. Not totally dreading spending another day in the Clubhouse when they really just want to relax and snooze at home all day.

How do I choose the right daycare schedule for my dog?

We really like to get to know the pets we care for! Each dog is required to go through our behavior assessment to gain enrollment at Club Fetch. We ask about the history of behavior in our enrollment form and highly recommend all dogs go through formal obedience training. 

If a dog is enrolled and later shows signs of aggression, they will be seperated and picked up immediately by their pet parents. If the aggressive behavior persists, the dog’s membership will be up for unenrollment.

How can you weed out any dog that may be aggressive?

There is 90 day expiration date on daycare packages.
All memberships are non-refundable.

Do my prepaid packages expire?

A dog fight can happen in a matter of seconds, which is why we cap the amount of dogs in each day. Our Play Coordinators observe body language and play style all day long to help mitigate a fight before it happens.

In the event of a fight, the dog that instigated the fight will be separated and given time to cool off with an individual walk and time out in our office area.

If a dog is truly aggressive towards other dogs and humans the dog will be placed in our office and the pet parent will be notified to come pickup their pet immediately.

What happens if there is a fight?

There’s a few ways we put our best paw forward.

What makes                     so special?

We’re so happy you asked because, honestly, we aren’t afraid to brag about how much our furry pals love hanging out here. Most importantly, as a private club we cap the number of dog members who come play each day, which helps us ensure pups go home happy, healthy, and tired (like in a totally good way!). Plus there’s these other awesome features when your family joins the Club.

Club Fetch 

Made for puppies

All-day ball play and hourly walks for every fur-child.

Pupdates for pet parents

Oh my dog, that’s adorable! Yup, we know you love it.

The safest romping

Happy and healthy doggos are our top priority.

You want to give your fur-baby all the time in the world, but you’re busy earning a living to pay for all those toys. At Club Fetch, every dog gets the love, attention, and exercise they deserve. There’s no harm in getting extra help because it truly takes a village to raise a dog.

"Club Fetch is by far the best doggie daycare in Philadelphia!!"

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"I have no idea what I would do without Club Fetch Philly!"

"So so so grateful for all of the amazing care you give Wendy and for each and everyone of your wonderful professional cuddlers, it’s been such a joy knowing you guys!" - Minerva & Wendy

"My dog loves it here!"

"Multiple walks a day to allow for realistic bathroom breaks as the dogs run around. Personalized daily updates! Conveniently across the street from a dog store for grooming and food needs. Great spot."

"I can't say enough great things about this place."

"I love it and so does my fur baby. We are so lucky to have found it. Nicole and all of the staff are very friendly and kind. You can tell they genuinely care SO much about your pup!! We get updates along with photos constantly throughout the day, which definitely make us smile."

"Club Fetch is AMAZING!"

"They truly get to know your individual dogs personality and character and offer much more personal attention than other doggy day cares we have tried previously. Our pup comes back home happy, tired, clean, and healthy."