Dogs are kids too…Treat them well.

Your pup’s new best friends are waiting.

Your fur-babe deserves only the best quality care, and the Fetch Family makes it happen! At Club Fetch, pups go home happy, healthy, and tired. Wondering what it’s like inside? As a boutique doggy daycare and social club in Philadelphia, we tailor the days to our dog members. Their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is our priority. If your pup needs a little extra attention, our Play Coordinators are ready to take notes and ensure they get just that.

Here’s what you can expect when your family joins Club Fetch…

We do everything we can to create a fun and stimulating space for our members. That means balls are out in the play area at all times for mental and physical exercise and entertainment. It’s a fetcher’s dream and great for those vampire puppy teeth.

All-day ball play

Seriously, somehow the dogs just know that it’s nap time and they all find a spot to snooze in the afternoon. At 3pm daily, the Clubhouse is quiet. Not a single sniff or bark! If your pup is overstimulated and tired sooner than the pack, we find them a quiet spot to rest away from the romping.

Puppy nap time

We walk the doggos multiple times throughout the day so they have plenty of time to do their business outside and get some fresh air. We don’t want anyone feeling cooped up inside! Plus so much effort goes into potty training and we don’t want you to lose any ground.

Hourly dog walks

We ensure that all pups are healthy and happy all day long. We use veterinary grade cleaners; separate tired, hungry, or overstimulated dogs; and only allow those who pass behaviour assessments into the Club. And finally, we cap the dogs each day at 15-18 because we care about quality over quantity.

Safety first

Pet parents get pupdates throughout the day, so you know exactly what’s going on. We love to send them, and you love to get them! It’s perfect.

Pupdates for pet parents

If your pup is a special case, don’t be shy to let us know! We’re happy to accommodate food allergies, maintain your training efforts, and pay attention to personality quirks. Our Play Coordinators do what we can to ensure every member has a super fun day in the Clubhouse.

Personalized care

Our memberships are flexible because we know life happens.

What                      is right for you?


Single half day (up to 5 hours of play)


Single full day (over 5 hours of play)


Pay per day

Half day 10-pack


Combo 10-pack (5 half + 5 full days)


Pre-paid memberships

Full day 10-pack


Full day 20-pack


The fine print: There is a 90 day expiration date for memberships. All  memberships are non-refundable.

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"I have no idea what I would do without Club Fetch Philly!"

"So so so grateful for all of the amazing care you give Wendy and for each and everyone of your wonderful professional cuddlers, it’s been such a joy knowing you guys!" - Minerva & Wendy

"My dog loves it here!"

"Multiple walks a day to allow for realistic bathroom breaks as the dogs run around. Personalized daily updates! Conveniently across the street from a dog store for grooming and food needs. Great spot."

"I can't say enough great things about this place."

"I love it and so does my fur baby. We are so lucky to have found it. Nicole and all of the staff are very friendly and kind. You can tell they genuinely care SO much about your pup!! We get updates along with photos constantly throughout the day, which definitely make us smile."

"Club Fetch is AMAZING!"

"They truly get to know your individual dogs personality and character and offer much more personal attention than other doggy day cares we have tried previously. Our pup comes back home happy, tired, clean, and healthy."