Dogs are kids too…Treat them well.

It’s tough to do it all while raising a dog.

You don’t have to do it alone.

All pet parents have been there…

You rush out the door in the mornings and feel your heart break daily by those puppy dog eyes that are just so sad to see you go.

You wonder what your doggo is up to all day while you’re at work and hope they haven’t dug through the laundry hamper again.

You get home, obviously exhausted, and the long walk they need to burn some energy feels like a huge task because Doggy Mama needs a glass of wine.

Or for our work from home pet parents… We know the stress of not getting anything done because your furry one is barking and begging to play in your Zoom background. The struggle is real.

At Club Fetch, your fur-baby gets all the love and attention they need. It’s a truly VIP* treatment!

*aka… Very Important Pup

Our mission is simple: To create joy and peace of mind for local fur families.

We’ve been doing this for quite a while now, so it’s safe to say that we’re pup-xperts… especially when it comes to quality over quantity. What started as custom dog walking and pet sitting services in 2017 grew (pretty fast!) into the Club Fetch our members know and love. When you join the Club, your family expands by a few extra humans and doggos too. We can’t wait to meet you!

Hi, I’m Nicole!

When I brought Luna, my fun-loving Goldendoodle into my home, I wanted a few things: A community I could trust to take care of her when I couldn’t: while traveling, working, running errands, or hanging out with friends. I wanted to feel confident leaving Luna somewhere she felt comfortable, and know that she would be safe and happy. I wanted to know her caretakers would cater to her unique needs just like I do.

Sometimes when a need isn’t met, you need to create it yourself. Using Luna as inspiration, we built the daycare that she needed—one where our Fetch Family is your family too.

Hi, I’m Luna!

My mom thinks she’s the boss, but really that’s my job. I’m the real CEO around here and nothing gets by me without my sniff of approval. Seriously, I decide everything… Balls in the play area at all times: My idea. I even promoted myself to a nice corner office with a view and have frequent business trips away from the Club.

Fetch time? We’ve got it. Puppy cuddles? Yup, we do that too. It’s the best. Delicious treats? I chose them and good doggos get spoiled. Duh! Even though I’m busy working from home, I make sure the Play Coordinators help every new fur friend feels cared for in the Clubhouse.

Fetch Leaders!

Meet the

Meet The Fetch Family

Who’s the good dog who started it all? We’re a locally owned and operated daycare and can’t wait to play with you!

Tour daycare services

What’s it like at Club Fetch? A whole lotta fun if you ask our fur friends! Fetch our membership info.

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There’s a few ways we put our best paw forward.

What makes                     so special?

We’re so happy you asked because, honestly, we aren’t afraid to brag about how much our furry pals love hanging out here. Most importantly, as a private club we cap the number of dog members who come play each day, which helps us ensure pups go home happy, healthy, and tired (like in a totally good way!). Plus there’s these other awesome features when your family joins the Club.

Club Fetch 

Made for puppies

All-day ball play and hourly walks for every fur-child.

Pupdates for pet parents

Oh my dog, that’s adorable! Yup, we know you love it.

The safest romping

Happy and healthy doggos are our top priority.

"I have no idea what I would do without Club Fetch Philly!"

"So so so grateful for all of the amazing care you give Wendy and for each and everyone of your wonderful professional cuddlers, it’s been such a joy knowing you guys!" - Minerva & Wendy

"My dog loves it here!"

"Multiple walks a day to allow for realistic bathroom breaks as the dogs run around. Personalized daily updates! Conveniently across the street from a dog store for grooming and food needs. Great spot."

"I can't say enough great things about this place."

"I love it and so does my fur baby. We are so lucky to have found it. Nicole and all of the staff are very friendly and kind. You can tell they genuinely care SO much about your pup!! We get updates along with photos constantly throughout the day, which definitely make us smile."

"Club Fetch is AMAZING!"

"They truly get to know your individual dogs personality and character and offer much more personal attention than other doggy day cares we have tried previously. Our pup comes back home happy, tired, clean, and healthy."